3 Reasons Why I take Hemp-Based CBD


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The list of CBD oil benefits is extensive. Cannabis, including hemp, has become legalized in Canada, which means plenty of companies are producing hemp-based products. This is great because hemp is actually an incredible resource. Though we have nothing against marijuana and appreciate cannabis in all of its forms, the reality is that hemp-based CBD is generally an easier to use version than that which you would get from marijuana. CBD oil can be used to help manage plenty of different problems, including social anxiety disorder and postpartum depression.  For this post, we are going to break why we think that hemp-based CBD is so great.

Low On THC

The biggest perk to using hemp based cannabidiol (CBD) is that it has a negligible amount of THC. This is helpful for so many people because it means that you can get all of the benefits of CBD without getting the high.

While many people believe that CBD derived from marijuana is different or more potent in some capacity, this simply isn’t true. In reality, besides various industrial uses, hemp is also grown for its high CBD content.

When you use a hemp-based alternative for CBD, you get all of the CBD oil benefits without having to worry about being impaired in any way. This is great for use on the go or as a part of your daily routine. 

We understand that while THC has some amazing therapeutic benefits when combined with CBD; however, not everyone can afford to consume THC on regular basis due to different responsibilities such as jobs, families, relationships. That's where CBD comes in to rescue and offer all the amazing medicinal benefits of the plant without any mind altering side effects.

 It is true that while taken in large quantity of CBD with trace amount of THC. it may give you a mild headache or even experience mild high. 

Helps With Problems Without Any Side Effects

CBD can help with a variety of problems. For example, many people like to use it for anxiety, but that doesn’t mean that they can necessarily afford to be compromised by the effects that THC would bring. People looking for natural remedies for anxiety generally don’t want to risk the potential paranoia that could come on by THC. Fortunately, by relying on hemp-based CBD, users can rest easy knowing that the CBD is at work without any unwanted side effects. This is true no matter what you use it for, which gives it an edge especially on pharmaceuticals.

Great For Your Mental and Physical Health

Beyond hemp-based CBD being an easier choice for people who do not want to risk any of the side effects associated with marijuana, it is also generally a way to get a higher amount of CBD since hemp is made for this purpose in most cases. For people who are relying on CBD for their general well-being or to assist with a problem, this can be incredibly helpful. CBD can work with mood disorders, attention deficit disorder, and is listed as one of the modern natural remedies for sleeplessness. There is even research being done into CBD oil and autism. Being able to help with all of these different kinds of things without having to compromise the person taking it is a great way to improve lives.


At Canna Revive, we offer high quality hemp-based CBD oil options. Our products are made to help users get a great CBD oil experience without forcing them to get high or risk any unpleasant side effects. CBD is a powerful tool in the right hands, and millions of Canadians are finding relief with it on daily basis. With our hemp products, we hope to usher in a new wellness plan for people everywhere.

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